yes, Livy. u can have your wedding dress. bUT YOU’LL HAVE TO WEAR CONVERSE

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psicomsentinel asked: Serah or Lumina?

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ハイキューログ2 by みっか.

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ok, bye

inspired by this post

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c’mon Steve she used to be a master spy, some things are just important

inspired by a wonderful tag on my hair swishing Nats (because yes I’m that creepy loser who reads every single tag none of you are safe from my prying eyes) —

which is of course based on this scene from the luminous, exuberant Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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By どうるる

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I sleep with your old shirts
And walk through this house in your shoes
I know it’s strange
It’s a strange way of saying that I know I’m supposed to love you
I’m supposed to love you

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